Auto-rotation or autogyro is a well-known phenomenon where a rotor in a wind field generates significant lift while the wind induces considerable aerodynamic torque on the rotor. The principle has been studied extensively for applications in aviation. However, with recent works indicating immense, persistent, and pervasive, available wind energy at high altitudes, the principle of autogyro could potentially be exploited for energy harvesting. In this paper, we carry out a preliminary investigation on the viability of using autogyros for energy extraction. We mainly focus on one of the earliest documented works on modeling of autogyro and extend its use to explore energy harvesting. The model is based on blade element theory. We provide simulation results of the concept. Although the results are encouraging, there are various practical aspects that need to be investigated to build confidence on this approach of energy harvesting. This work aims to build a framework upon which more comprehensive research can be conducted.

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