A thermal model was developed to estimate the energy losses from prototypical domestic hot water (DHW) distribution systems for homes. The developed model, using the TRNSYS simulation software, allows researchers and designers to better evaluate the performance of hot water distribution systems in homes. Modeling results were compared with past experimental study results and showed good agreement. The model was also compared with existing domestic hot water distribution system modeling software HWSIM for verification. The developed model has several capabilities that are not available in HWSIM, including the ability to integrate any new or existing types of water heater systems, the ability to handle several simultaneous draws to different end uses, and the ability to handle unique annual draw profiles instead of weekly draw profiles. It also allows for draw profiles and ambient conditions to be considered using any time resolution. To demonstrate the abilities of this new model, a series of sensitivity analyses were performed using a benchmark domestic hot water distribution system. The effects of adding insulation to the domestic hot water distribution system of homes with a gas water heater and a solar water heater were also examined.

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