For the simplified linear hypersonic air-breathing propulsion model, aiming at the safety boundaries existing during the working progressing, this paper considers the output regulation/ safety protection switching control problem. Several comments are given to the minimum control switching strategy studied in our previous work, and to make the designing of the switching controller more systematic, a novel command switching strategy is proposed, where discontinuous controllers are adapted. The protected output will be forced to escape from the safety boundary once the danger comes. The asymptotic tracking problem is transformed into the asymptotic stability problem of the linear switched and impulsive systems or that of the switched systems whose subsystems have different equilibrium points. The design of the dynamical output feedback controllers and the switching laws can be finished separately, and the principles guaranteeing asymptotic tracking are given, the decline of the candidate Lyapunov function can be checked by solving an optimal problem. Finally, simulations verify the effectiveness of the given results, which also indicate that the commands switching control can improve both the safety margin of the protected output and the tracking performance of the regulated output, the ability of tracking commands safely and quickly is thus enhanced.

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