In this study, an E-glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite laminate is subjected to ultraviolet radiation (UV) for up to 48 hours. The intensity of the ultraviolet radiation is 1.5 J/cm2/min. A total of 42 specimens are prepared and tested, in which 6 specimens are used as control and 36 specimens are conditioned. For the conditioned specimens, 18 specimens are exposed to air and 18 specimens are immersed in a water base while subjected to UV radiation. Low velocity impact tests are conducted on the conditioned specimens and control specimens using instrumented drop-weight impact machine. Compression after impact (CAI) tests are conducted using a MTS machine to determine the residual load carrying capacity of the impact damaged specimens. Microscopic observation is conducted to aid in the analysis of the damage mechanism. The test results show that UV radiation alone has a significant effect on reducing the residual load carrying capacity of impact damaged laminated composites. The presence of water enhances the damage effect of UV radiation.

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