Over the last few years the number of standards relating to the use and implementation of GRP pipelines and piping systems has dramatically proliferated. A working group under ISO TC 67 was formed in an attempt to produce a single international standard with the aim to amalgamate and harmonise the many country wide standards. Standards that were considered in this amalgamation included ASTM F 1173, API 15 HR, BS 7159, ASME B31.3 and the Shell DEP. The work group consisted of members from the oil and gas industry, suppliers and local Health and Safety Executives.

The basis of the document was the old UKOOA specification for the GRP for off-shore systems. The scope of the this new ISO standard was broadened in terms of both application and service conditions.

The new ISO standard comprises 4 sections, scope, qualification, system design and installation/operation. The key points of the sections are;

Qualification procedures are performance based, i.e. the emphasis is on suppliers to demonstrate performance. Care was taken with this new standard to minimise the test burden without compromising on technical rigour.

System design procedures were defined which balanced existing design practices and experience with the limited amount of technical data.

Installation and operational procedures were selected to enhance the use of GRP in many applications. Typical damage mechanisms and defects that could possibly occur were documented with recommendations made of relevant inspection techniques and repair options.

The issue date for this ISO standard is mid 2001.

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