In the paper development of used ceramic materials and ways of their production with the aid of heat spraying is presented. According to a needness of continuous increase of coating’s mechanical resistance (high wearability, low brittlesness), corrosion resistance and profitable thermal and electric properties, current ceramic materials characterized by more and more attractive useful properties are described. Also a role of flame and plasma spraying including developmental trends towards prodution of coatings are underlined. The paper contains the own solution of plasma spraying of coatings consists in operation of the process under atmospheric pressure with gaseous ring-shaped protective jet. Additionally, proper choice of spraying’s parameters and some interesting characteristics of coatings are presented along with the examination of their structure (i. e. a rate of fusion, an oxidation of granules in a coating). Moreover the applications of coatings on machine parts (i. e. mechanical seal of impeller pumps, blades of turbines) are mentioned.

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