3D Seismic survey of an area approximately 70km2 was conducted in South-East Central Trinidad in the Naparima Mayaro Reserve from January to July 1999. This activity was done with the expectation of drilling exploratory wells for finding commercially viable oil reservoirs as a joint venture operation between Vintage Petroleum Trinidad Limited (formerly Cometra Energy (Canada) Limited) and Petrotrin. The companies initiated a number of proactive Environmental Management Programmes to comply with both local and international regulations. These programmes include: • Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Seismic Survey of a 70km2 area. • Environmental Baseline Survey for Seismic Survey inclusive of descriptions of physical, biological and socioeconomic environments, environmental audits, training and monitoring (noise and water quality). • Environmental Impact Assessment for drilling of exploratory well. • Development of Oil Spill Contingency Plan for drilling operations. The implementation of these studies resulted in a number of benefits to the joint venture oil companies, such as: • 100% compliance with Certificate of Environment Clearance Rules and International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) Guidelines. • Improved corporate image. • Enhanced relationship with Government Agencies. • Improved environmental performance through proper planning. • Trained and empowered workforce in environmental management issues. • Zero oil spills and environmental incidents to date.

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