How to fulfill requirements of environmental protection set by operator so that their fulfillment does not overburden the financial part of the Contract or violate the local legislation? Are these requirements always the same, or they differ depending on the operator, or the part of the world and country where operations are being executed? In Crosco, we believe that we have the answers to those questions. The fact that we have succeeded to survive in the competitive world market and that Crosco’s share in that market is constantly growing speaks in favor of that. Since December 17th 1996, when the part of INA-Naftaplin dealing with exploration and exploitation drilling including well services was separated from Naftaplin as an independent drilling contractor under a new name, Crosco Co. Ltd. was forced to turn to the world market overnight. Up to that moment Crosco was fairly safe and comfortable as a part of INA, the state-owned oil company. But from that moment on, Crosco had to face the challenge of the foreign market and particularly, the operators’ requirements for the environmental protection. The requirements varied a lot and so did the environmental policies implemented by operators. To qualify for tendering, not to speak of successfully winning a contract, Crosco and its employees were forced to step suddenly into a completely new area — the Environmental Protection. Crosco has succeeded in overcoming that obstacle and finding its own way of how to satisfy operator’s environmental requirements and local legislation optimally. Crosco’s method has shown to be efficient, simple and inexpensive. The paper will expound and analyze the following: • Operators’ requirements and their environmental policies. • Local legislation, environmental discharge limits and available methods of waste treatment. • Ways how Crosco as contractor fulfills the set environmental requirements.

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