In Croatian Podravina relatively large quantities of natural gas was discovered. From various fields (Molve, Kalinovec, Stari Gradec) natural gas is pipelined to Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) Molve. Here, at GTP Molve III, technological procedures for purification of natural gas and its distribution are performed. With yearly natural gas production of 3,5 109 m3 GTP Molve III is major Croatian energy resource. Its safety and environment impact is matter of concern. Continuous acoustic emission leak monitoring system for Gas Treatment Plant (GTP) Molve as an improvement in technological and environment safety is considered. Application of a leak monitoring system under industrial conditions is a problem setting specific demands. In the paper attention is paid to some aspects of acoustic emission system implementation and the acoustic background noise definition problem. Acoustic noise measurements at a GTP Molve III were performed and some results considering background noise are presented. In the paper acoustic noise measurements performed at a GTP Molve III were presented. Across the GTP Molve III acoustical background have different spectral and amplitude characteristic. In the input area, measurements presented at a first group of measuring points included the impact of sand moved by gas fluid. Sand hits should be distinguished from acoustic emission caused by growing cracks. Motors noise and turbulence around valves are probably the main source of background noise on second group of measuring points. The conclusion is that background noise across the plant is highly different. Patterns found in one part of plant could not be applied on others measuring points. Background noise and its characterization are one of main problems solved before reliable operation of acoustic monitoring system could be applied. It is found that at GTP Molve III acoustic background is complicated, consisting of different sources at different part of a plant.

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