The main goal of the present work is to establish the tools of the analysis and performance prediction of an axial pump stage under two-phase flow presence of liquid and gas. This knowledge is very important for different applications, for example in the oil industry. The transport of two-phase flow (oil and gas) that comes from the well implies the utilization of separation and treatment facilities before they are pumping. It means that a lot of economical resources are involved in this kind of industrial operation. Therefore, depending on the function optimization of this type of two-phase pumps, it would permit the substitution of the traditional expensive facilities in addition with energy cost savings. In order to predict the fluid dynamics characteristics of an axial pump stage under two-phase flow conditions and in view to improve its performance, the present research will describe a multi-fluid model in order to solve the momentum equations (Navier-Stokes) coupled with the continuity equation. Here, we will take into account the viscosity of the liquid phase and the compressibility of the gas phase, using the CFD simulator: CFX 4.0. Finally, an experimental facility was designed and built to test one axial pump of two stages. Therefore, experimental data is shown in order to validate the previous numerical results obtained.

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