The flow field around a moving body is treated as a fluid-structure interaction (FSI), which is a series of phenomena from the elastic deformation of a body to vortex generation/growing/development. In the present paper, we simulate the fluid structure interaction of a flow field around an elastic heaving thin film with large deformation using ANSYS 12.1/ANSYS-CFX 12.1, and clarify the elastic deformation, velocity, acceleration, vortex roll-up from the trailing edge, circulation, and dynamic lift, as well as other important parameters to obtain the vorticities, circulations and dynamic lifts. The elastic deformation, velocity and acceleration can produce the large vorticity and the circulation. In particular, the vorticity that rolled up from the trailing edge of the thin film is dependent on the elastic velocity, and the vorticity production at the trailing edge is dependent on the elastic acceleration. Moreover, the vortex production is also distributed to the circulation production and the dynamic lift. Therefore, the elastic deformation, velocity and acceleration can produce and change the flow field for the vorticity, circulation, and dynamic force.

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