The metal-supported solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) was studied. Hydrocarbon fueled operation was used to make SOFC system. Different operating characteristics for metal-supported SOFC are used than for conventional ones. Metal-supported SOFC was successfully fabricated by a high temperature sinter-joining method and the cathode was in-situ sintered. Synthetic gas, which is compounded as the diesel reformate gas composition and low hydrocarbons was completely removed by the diesel reformer. Metal-supported SOFC with synthetic gas was operated and evaluated and its characteristics analyzed. The performance of hydrogen operation shows 0.4 W·cm−2 of maximum power density. The maximum power density of the synthetic gas operation decreased to 0.22 W·cm−2 and to 0.11 W·cm−2 after 10 hours operation, respectively. Degradation occurred because a large steam quantity made an oxidation atmosphere at high temperature, causing the metallic part damage.

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