This paper presents the results from three-dimensional (3D) steady and unsteady Navier-Stokes computations, performed on the transonic VKI BRITE EURAM test turbine stage. The work aimed at giving deeper insight in the aerodynamics of the turbine stage. The analysis has been carried out with the nominal stator trailing edge ejection slot geometry and cooling flow ejection. Additionally a simplified rounded stator trailing edge was employed. The results from the unsteady computations were compared with measured pressure perturbation traces at 22 locations around the rotor blade at midspan. Computations with both the ejection slot and the rounded stator trailing edge geometry were in good agreement with the measurements on the pressure side and half chord of the rotor blade’s suction side. Measurements and computations showed less good agreement downstream a weak shock on the suction side of the rotor blade. The measured pressure double peak in the rotor blade leading edge region is only observed in the computations with the ejection slot geometry.

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