The complex dynamic nature of the spanwise vortices in film cooling of turbine blades makes it necessary to accurately model the flow field temporally and spatially using detailed simulation techniques like direct numerical simulation or large eddy simulation of turbulence. Although, the later requires less computational effort and thus can simulate flows at higher Reynolds number than direct simulation, both these methods remain very expensive. As a viable alternative, this paper presents a Spalart-Allamaras based detached eddy simulation (DES) that is applied to a film cooled flat plate for the first time. The numerical model uses an unstructured grid system to resolve the dynamic flow structures on both sides of the plate as well as inside the hole itself. Detailed computation of a single row of 35 degree round holes on a flat plate has been obtained for blowing ratio of 1.0, and a density ratio of 2.0. The DES solution is also benchmarked with Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes formulation for the same blade-hole configuration. The comparison shows that the DES simulation, which makes no assumption of isotropy downstream of the hole, greatly enhances the realistic description of the dynamic mixing processes.

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