The purpose of this paper is to present a numerical methodology for the computation of complex 3-D turbomachinery flows using advanced multiequation turbulence closures, including full 7-equation Reynolds-stress transport models. A general frame-work describing the turbulence models and possible future improvements is presented. The flow equations are discretized on structured multiblock grids, using an upwind biased (O[Δx3] MUSCL reconstruction) finite-volume scheme. Time-integration uses a local-dual-time-stepping implicit procedure, with internal subiterations. Computational efficiency is achieved by a specific approximate factorization of the implicit subiterations, designed to minimize the computational cost of the turbulence-transport-equations. Convergence is still accelerated using a mean-flow-multigrid full-approximation-scheme method, where multigrid is applied on the mean-flow-variables only. Speed-ups of a factor 3 are obtained using 3 levels of multigrid (fine + 2 coarser grids). Computational examples are presented using several Reynolds-stress model variants (and also a baseline k–ε model), for various turbomachinery configurations, and compared with available experimental measurements.

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