The availability and reliability of gas turbine units are critical for success to gas turbine users. Advanced hot gas path components that are used in state-of-the-art gas turbines have to ensure high efficiency, but require advanced technologies for assessment during maintenance inspections in order to decide whether they should be reused or replaced. Furthermore, advanced repair and refurbishment technologies are vital due to the complex nature of such components (e.g., Directionally Solidified (DS) / Single Crystal (SC) materials, thin wall components, new cooling techniques). Advanced repair technologies are essential to allow cost effective refurbishing while maintaining high reliability, to ensure minimum life cycle cost. This paper will discuss some aspects of Siemens development and implementation of advanced technologies for repair and refurbishment. In particular, the following technologies used by Siemens will be addressed: • Weld restoration; • Braze restoration processes; • Coating; • Re-opening of cooling holes.

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