Mid year of 2007 Siemens Oil & Gas and Industrial Applications introduced an enhanced SGT-800 gas turbine. The new power rating is 47MW at a 37.5% electrical efficiency in open cycle (ISO). Four components in the gas turbine are modified and are fully interchangeable between the existing 45MW and the 47MW rating. Improved cooling designs were introduced in the turbine stages #1 and #2 requiring no change to the casting design. The only modification is to the machining of the parts and to the guide vane cooling inserts and impingement screens. A re-stagger of the stage #1 compressor blade was made to give a slightly increase in the airflow. The combustor outlet temperature (COT) remains the same. The first SGT-800 with 47MW rating was successfully tested during the autumn of 2006 and the expected performance figures were confirmed. This unit has, up to November 2007, accumulated 8 000 hours and a planned follow up inspection made after 4 000 hours by borescope of the hot section showed that the parts were in excellent condition. This article presents some details of the design work carried out during the development of the enhancement from 45MW to the mature rating of 47MW and the operation experience from the first units.

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