The aim of this work is the experimental analysis of a primary-surface recuperator operating in a 100 kW micro gas turbine, as in a standard recuperated cycle. These tests, performed in both steady-state and transient conditions, have been carried out using the micro gas turbine test rig developed by TPG at the University of Genoa, Italy. Even if this facility has mainly been designed for hybrid system emulations, it is possible to exploit the plant for component tests, such as experimental studies on recuperators. The valves installed in the rig make it possible to operate the plant in the standard recuperated configuration, and the facility has been equipped with new probes essential for this kind of tests. A wide-ranging analysis of the recuperator performance has been carried out with the machine operating in stand-alone configuration, or connected to the electrical grid, to test different control strategy influences. Particular attention has been given to tests performed at different electrical load values and with different mass flow rates through the recuperator ducts. The final section of this paper reports the transient analysis carried out on this recuperator. The attention is mainly focused on thermal transient performance of the component, showing the effects of both temperature and flow steps.

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