The present paper shows the current state of a feasibility study of the University of Applied Sciences Esslingen. The intention of this study is the conversion of a model-turbine into a turboshaft-engine for variable applications, with as few as possible modifications. The shaft power of the engine is estimated on 20 kW at least. It is intended to use a recuperator to augment its efficiency. After a general introduction possible applications are discussed and the previous design-process is explained: Subsequent to the concept-phase cycle parameters were calculated and the power turbine was designed and manufactured. At present turbine tests are running. The recuperator is of counter flow type. To shorten the flow path it is mounted directly around the combustor. Currently different variations are being designed which will be optimised. The pressure loss within the exhaust manifold between power turbine and recuperator has already been reduced by simulations and tests. This will be minimised through application of a genetic optimisation software.

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