As of September 2009, GE Energy (GE) has successfully expanded its large-frame gas turbine product line to burn ultra-low calorific steel mill gas fuel blends, especially mixtures of Blast Furnace Gas (BFG) and Coke Oven Gas (COG). The first two GE frame 9E Gas Turbines in China with this capability have thus far accumulated more than 8000 hours operating on BFG/COG blends. The China site comprises two complete power trains, including GE 9E gas turbines, generators, fuel cleaning equipment, and fuel gas compressors. Since startup, combustion operating parameters have remained within design limits, consistent with the extensive full-scale lab testing GE conducted during the turbine’s design development effort, and comparable to fleet experience on natural gas fired GE gas turbines. Based on this accumulated data set, especially the wide range of gas compositions tested in the combustion lab, similar process gases such as corex and finex gases, and air-blown synthetic gases are operable in this system. The GE 9E platform targets the 50Hz market. For 60Hz applications, a 7EA BFG product is available.

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