Siemens Oil & Gas introduced an enhanced SGT-800 gas turbine during 2010. The new power rating is 50.5 MW with a 38.3 % electrical efficiency (ISO) in simple cycle and the best in class combined-cycle performance of more than 55 %. The increased power and improved efficiency from the existing 47 MW rating are mainly obtained by improved compressor airfoil profiles and improved turbine aerodynamics and cooling air layout. The upgrade components in the gas turbine are interchangeable from the existing rating. The current paper is focused on the design modifications of the turbine parts and their validation and operation experience.

For the turbine section, the main design modifications include the redesigned stage 1 with better aerodynamic and cooling performance, modified stage 3 for increased outlet area, etc. However, the turbine inlet temperature is not increased compared to the existing 47 MW rating. Comprehensive validation measures have been taken to make sure that the modifications meet the design targets, at both the component level and the system level. The results from the validation tests have confirmed the turbine performance in terms of aerodynamics, cooling, life time, etc. In addition, these results have given a strong basis for future upgrade, e.g., potential cooling air saving has been identified on several areas. The first SGT-800 with 50.5 MW rating was successfully operated and tested during the spring 2010 and the expected performance figures were confirmed. Up to January 2013, the fleet of this new rating has accumulated >40 000 Equivalent Operation hours (EOH), while the fleet leader has accumulated >16 000 EOH. A planned follow up inspection was made after 10 000 EOH by using borescope for the hot section, and it showed that all the turbine parts were in good condition.

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