This paper represents results of R&D efforts towards reducing a bypass turbofan engine NOx emission by 45 % compared with CAEP/6 to meet the ICAO NOx emission goal of 2020.

To achieve ICAO NOx technology goal, a new approach is used based on the NOx emission reduction in combustors with non-premixed combustion well proved in operation. The new approach is represented by structured system of low emission combustion principles — a concept of combustor featuring compact non-premixed flame (CNPF). The essence of CNPF concept is in suppression of volume and surface NOx formation sources by flame front blocking in liner primary zone and by increasing of fuel effective burning rate. The paper represents the development of concept up to and including the 4th technology maturity level. It demonstrates CNPF concept independence and interaction with other up-to-date gas turbine low emission concepts. The paper indicates comparison of rig test results between in-service combustor and CNPF adopted combustors carried out on a single liner. A CNPF adopted combustor shows NOx emission index reduction by 35 …47 % at take-off engine conditions. Preliminary estimation shows that it is possible to reach the ICAO goal for NOx emission level of 2020.

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