In order to ensure safety and reliability of steam turbine welded rotors, the present investigation focuses on evaluation of crack initiation, growth, and resistance parameters of base metal (BM), weld metal (WM) and heat affected zone (HAZ) of a steam turbine rotor welded joint constituent. The experimental part consists of three-point bending conducted on single edge notch bend specimens to induce stable crack propagation. The crack size was calculated by incorporating the crack opening displacement measured by a clip-gage, in a compliance method. The fatigue crack threshold was obtained from a crack growth rate curve according to ASTM E647 and the fracture toughness was determined from a J-based resistance curve according to ASTM E1820. From the experimental results the fatigue crack threshold is found to be a function of loading ratio rather than a single material parameter. From the fracture toughness results, the WM and the BM are found to have similar KIc values whereas HAZ is found to have slightly better KIc values although HAZ had little crack extension during the experiments.

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