Biodiesels have advantages of low carbon footprint, reduced toxic emissions, improved energy supply security and sustainability and therefore attracted attentions in both industrial and aero gas turbines sectors. Industrial gas turbine applications are more practical biodiesels due to low temperature waxing and flow problems at altitude for aero gas turbine applications. This paper investigated the use of biodiesels in a low NOx radial swirler, as used in some industrial low NOx gas turbines. A waste cooking oil derived methyl ester biodiesel (WME) was tested on a radial swirler industrial low NOx gas turbine combustor under atmospheric pressure, 600K air inlet temperature and reference Mach number of 0.017&0.023. The pure WME, its blends with kerosene (B20 and B50) and pure kerosene were tested for gaseous emissions and lean extinction as a function of equivalence ratio for both Mach numbers. Sauter Mean Diameter (SMD) of the fuel spray droplets was calculated. The results showed that the WME and its blends had lower CO, UHC emissions and higher NOx emissions than the kerosene. The weak extinction limits were determined for all fuels and B100 has the lowest value. The higher air velocity (at Mach = 0.023) resulted in smaller SMDs which improved the mixing and atomizing of fuels and thus led to reductions in NOx emissions.

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