As a prospective pressure gain combustion technology, detonation combustion has obvious potential for greatly increasing the thermodynamic performance of marine gas turbine due to its advantage in low entropy generation, fast heat release and self-pressurization. In this paper, a thermodynamic cycle model of detonation combustion based marine gas turbine is established considering the variable specific heat capacity. On this basis, a comparative analysis is investigated to discuss the effects of different factors on the performance enhancement of marine gas turbine by using detonation combustion. The results demonstrate that compared to the conventional deflagration combustion, detonation combustion can significantly improve the thermodynamic performance of marine gas turbine under various condition. As far as the present study is concerned, the thermal cycle efficiency can be increased to 42.97∼46.76%. Besides, it is found that the effects of pressure ratio on performance enhancements of marine gas turbine are higher than those of atmospheric temperature and temperature ratio. When pressure ratio is ranged from 13 to 30, both thermal cycle efficiency and specific power enhancements are about 20∼27%.

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