In this study, the complex modulus of double clearance squeeze film dampers (DCSFD) were experimentally determined under low amplitude unidirectional vibration. A DCSFD consists of two layers of squeeze film separated by an annular floating ring. Influences of the ring mass and clearances were examined. In our experiment, an increase in the damping coefficient of the DCFSD was observed when compared with that of a single clearance squeeze film damper (SCSFD) with the same total clearance as the DCSFD. Compared to theoretical values based on the classical theory of SCSFD, the damping coefficient of water-lubricated DCSFD was significantly higher at frequencies exceeding 700 Hz. Furthermore, DCSFD with larger clearances exhibited higher damping than those with smaller clearances. The origin of the increase in damping coefficient and the decrease in the inertia coefficient were discussed by considering the effect of the ring’s eccentricity, cavitation and turbulence in the film.

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