The mistuning problem of quasi periodic structures is subject of numerous scientific investigations for more than 50 years. Researchers developed reduced order models to reduce the computational costs of mistuning investigations including finite element models. One question which has also high practical relevance is the identification of mistuning based on modal properties. In the present work, a new identification method based on the Subset of Nominal System Modes method (SNM) is presented. The input data for the identification procedure consists solely of the mistuned natural frequencies of the investigated mode family as well as of the corresponding mistuned mode shapes in the form of one degree of freedom per sector. The reduction basis consists of the tuned mode shapes of the investigated mode family. Furthermore, the proposed identification method allows for the inclusion of centrifugal effects like stress stiffening and spin softening without additional computational effort. From this point of view the presented method is also appropriate to handle centrifugal effects in reduced order models using a minimum set of input data compared to existing methods. The powerfulness of the new identification method is demonstrated on the example of an axial compressor blisk. Finite element calculations including geometrical mistuning provide the data base for the identification procedure. The correct functioning of the identification method including measurement noise is also validated to show the applicability to a case of application where real measurement data is available.

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