Originating from defects and flaws in high temperature components crack initiation and crack propagation under service conditions can occur. Fracture mechanics data and procedures are needed to study crack problems and to support an advanced remnant life evaluation.

During subsequent research in the past 35 years, data were determined for different high temperature materials. Methodologies and concepts taking into account the specific material behavior were developed in order to be able to describe crack initiation and crack growth and have appropriate assessment methods available. For creep crack initiation two criteria principles were used and for creep crack growth assessment based on the integral C* parameter were applied.

Furthermore, a method for determination of critical crack length was developed allowing decisions whether modified stress analysis methods are sufficient or more complicated fracture mechanics methods are needed.

To provide data and methodologies in a user-friendly way, a program system combining data and methods was implemented. The paper describes developed features and shows comparisons to other methods. The methods can be applied for design purposes as well as remnant life assessments.

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