The RT61 is a three-stage industrial power turbine which couples with the SGT-A35 aeroderivative gas generator (formerly named Industrial RB211). It was designed for improved efficiency and modular construction for ease in maintainability. The aeroderivative SGT-A35 (GT61) product serves both oil & gas and power generation market with a fleet size of greater than 90 units.

In recent years, there has been increased emphasis on clean energy, only complemented by the regulatory changes and market conditions. The power generation and oil & gas customers (upstream, midstream, and downstream) are continuously looking for opportunities to decrease their greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fuel consumption by improving the gas turbine cycle efficiency.

The SGT-A35 (GT61) power turbine has > 93% isentropic efficiency and industry standard overhaul schedule of 100,000 hours. However the potential for further cycle efficiency improvements and reduction in emissions exist by optimizing the power turbine capacity to a specific load range. This served as the main motivation for this technical work.

This paper discusses the engineering efforts taken in implementing the above stated improvement and further optimizing the product for reduced emissions. The improvements are discussed on the product level and on the TransCanada Pipelines fleet level.

A new power turbine variant was developed on a demanding timeline driven by the customer project. A detailed development project was undertaken to establish the new operating point, aerodynamic design, and the new geometry. It was optimized to the customer project-specific load range. During the manufacturing phase, novel rapid prototyping methods were used to achieve desired lead times. Flow path change was limited to the first stage vane to minimize the introduction of new risks and uncertainties.

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