One of the main parts of the engine for the regional aircraft, affecting its efficiency and reliability, is the fan blade, which is designed based on aerodynamic and mechanical integrity (MI) optimization and has a complex geometry of the airfoil. At some operating modes, the aerodynamic and MI characteristics of the blades may deteriorate due to geometric deviations from the nominal airfoil at manufacture. Thus, to increase the robustness of the fan blades, it is necessary to solve the problem of creation of the fan blade models and the arrangement of the blades in the wheel, taking into account the actual geometric parameters.

Aerodynamic and MI calculations of blades with real geometric deviations of the airfoil should be carried out using numerical three-dimensional (3D) methods. In this case, it is important to create 3D models of blades and to carry out their subsequent calculation at minimal costs.

The method of automated creation of a model of finished blades with real production deviations of the airfoil according to the data of measurement in the CAD system is presented.

Since more than 1000 measured points are used in the construction of the model of the measured blade, it is more convenient to reduce the number of initial points (parameters) for robust optimization of the fan blades.

A program has been developed, which is a macro written in the programming language PHYTON, working together with the selected CAD-system Siemens NX, which significantly reduces the time to prepare models for aerodynamic and MI calculations.

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