This paper examines some of the major problems connected with cogeneration in some typical industrial sectors. A prior study of the impact of monitorized energy consumption on the choice of cogeneration solution showed that:

- In the 0.5–3.0 MW range: Gas turbines with heat recovery represent an appealing solution in terms of overall plant costs.

- In the 0.5–0.8 MW range: Industry characteristics must be better clarified before dealing with competition from internal combustion (IC) reciprocating engines.

This study served to establish the design guidelines for the NuovoPignone PGT2 gas turbine, rated at 2 MW, with a 25% efficiency at the generator terminals. The design exhaust temperature of 550°C is well suited to cogeneration applications in the types of industry investigated (textile-, cement-, and paper-making). However, in other cases such as nonindustrial cogeneration, where very low electricity costs are desirable, the available regenerative cycle option has a potential electrical efficiency of over 28% at lower exhaust temperatures and heat levels.

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