The main objective of this work is the analysis and the comparison between different methods utilised to solve the Moore rotating stall model. To date only simplified relations between the axial flow perturbation g and the transverse one h have been utilised and presented in literature, such as h′ = −g or the truncated Fourier series. On the contrary, in this paper the accurate relation given by the Hilbert Transform is utilised, and to improve the numerical stability of the method a new expression of the first derivative of transverse flow coefficient perturbation is proposed and utilised.

A complete and detailed comparison between the results of the simplified methods and the solution proposed here is presented. This comparison is extended to a wide range of geometrical and physical compressor parameters, and it allows the accuracy of simplified approaches to be tested.

Finally, a correlative approach estimating overall rotating stall effects based on the complete solution proposed here is presented. It allows rotating stall influence to be quickly and easily taken into account in several axial compressor areas (design, optimisation, active control, etc.).

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