The paper presents an approach for the modal aeroelastic analysis of three-dimensional turbomachinery bladings with several fluid and structure analyzers. Structure analyzers are three-dimensional solvers for static and dynamic analyses of axisymmetric/cyclic-symmetric blade-shroud-disk-shaft assemblies with/without elastic coupling between blades. Fluid analyzers are two-dimensional/three-dimensional solvers for single/multi-stage steady/unsteady turbomachinery flows. An automatic interfacing procedure for exchanging data at the incompatible fluid-structure boundary and the development of a multi-model interfacing software are discussed. The modal aeroelastic analysis of a first stage shrouded fan is carried out to illustrate the main issues of the paper. In particular, two structural models for the elastic coupling of the part-span shrouds are discussed. The results show the strong dependence of the structure dynamics and aeroelastic analysis on this modelling.

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