Two different, non-Re containing single crystal (SX) superalloys are defined primarily for industrial turbine application. The alloys, CMSX®-11B and CMSX-®-11C, contain respective chromium levels of about 12.5% and 14.5%. Both materials develop unique and extremely good blends of hot corrosion and oxidation resistance. They exhibit extremely good testability, employ relatively simple solution heat treatments and provide creep strength which is as good or better in comparison to other first generation SX materials such as CMSX-2/3, PWA 1480 and René N4. Moreover, at certain engine-pertinent temperature/stress conditions, and particularly in long-term tests (greater than 1,000 hours duration), the alloys appear to exhibit density corrected rupture strengths which are similar or better than CMSX-4® and other second generation SX casting superalloys.

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