Cyclic oxidation behavior of aluminide, platinum modified aluminide, and MCrAlY coatings has been investigated at three temperatures. Aluminide and platinum modified coatings were deposited on GTD 111 material using an outward diffusion process. CoCrAlY coating was applied on GTD-111 by Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition (EB-PVD). The oxidation behavior of these coatings is characterized by weight change measurements and by the variation of β phase present in the coating. The platinum modified aluminide coating exhibited the highest resistance to oxide scale spallation (weight loss) during cyclic oxidation testing. Metallographic techniques were used to determine the amount of β phase and the aluminum content in a coating as a function of cycles. Cyclic oxidation life of these coatings is discussed in terms of the residual β and aluminum content present in the coating after exposure. These results have been used to calibrate and validate a coating life model (COATLIFE) developed at the Material Center for Combustion Turbines (MCCT).

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