The effect of heat transfer on film cooling has been studied analytically. The proposed model shows that the non-adiabatic film cooling effectiveness will increase with increasing of the heat transfer parameter, Ū / (ρVCp)2, on the convex, the flat and the concave walls over the entire range of film cooling parameter, X/MS. On the convex wall with a blowing rate, M, of 0.51 and a heat transfer parameter of 10−3 at the typical engine conditions, the non-adiabatic effectiveness can be higher than the adiabatic effectiveness by 45% at a film cooling parameter of 103; while the film temperature can be lower than the adiabatic wall by 18°C (32°F) at a dimensionless distance of 500. The model can be extended and applied to the heat transfer analysis for any kind of turbine blade with film cooling.

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