This study presents transient dynamic response of porous and non-porous exponential functionally graded (E-FGM) conical shells subjected to low velocity single and multiple impact. Hertzian contact law in modified form considering permanent indentation is used to calculate the impact response parameters. For finite element formulation eight-noded isoparametric shell element having five degrees of freedom per node is used. The dynamic equations for the low velocity impact problems are solved by Newmark’s time integration scheme. Parametric studies in terms of contact force, initial velocity of impactor, impactor displacement and shell displacement for Stainless Steel-Silicon Nitrite porous and non-porous conical shells (idealized as rotating turbo-machinery blade) under low velocity single and multiple impact are analyzed. Twist angle has significant effect on contact force but has marginal effect on contact duration. Contact force for perfect (porosity free) case is higher than that of porous one and the contact forces are found to decrease with higher porosity factor. Even porous FG conical shell is predicting lower contact force and higher shell displacement than that of uneven porous FG conical shell for a given porosity factor.

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