Spectral-directional emittance measurements for cupric oxide (CuO) are presented. The data cover polar angles of zero to 84° from the surface normal, wavelengths between 1.5 and 8 μm, and temperatures between 400 and 700°C. The data were generated using a radiometric, direct emission measurement method. The oxide was grown on a very clear, smooth, and mirror-like copper surface, heated in air at 700°C until emission measurements became constant (270 hours). X-ray diffraction and EDS analyses were performed to characterize the spatial and molecular composition of the copper oxide layer. It is generally found that CuO emittance decreases with increasing polar angle, increases with increasing wavelength, and increases with increasing temperature. Spectral-directional emittance values calculated from the Fresnel equations show good agreement with the measurements up to polar angles of 72°.

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