The objective of this research is to investigate large-scale transient flow surges of condensate leaving horizontal in-tube condensing flow systems, due to perturbations in the inlet vapor flowrate, and the influence of the subcooled condensate inertia on these surges. In a tube-type condenser involving complete condensation, it has been seen that small changes in the inlet vapor flowrate momentarily cause large transient flow surges in the outlet liquid flowrate. A System Mean Void Fraction (SMVF) Model is developed for predicting these flow surge characteristics. Experimental data are also presented, showing both the influence of subcooled liquid inertia, and the very good predictive capability of the SMVF Model. The salient feature of the SMVF Model is its simplicity that, with an experimentally verified predictive capability, enhances the models’ utility as an analytical tool as well as a tool for educational purposes.

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