Turbocharger compressor aerodynamic noise has been one of the major noise sources of diesel engine. It is necessary to study the characteristics of turbocharger fluid flow and radiation noise for its effective noise control. In this paper, a new for predicting compressor aerodynamic noise is presented, which combined the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and indirect boundary element method (IBEM). The unsteady viscous flow in compressor was simulated based on the finite volume method. In addition, the periodic pressure fluctuation of the rotor inlet and blades were used to compressor radiation noise field simulation by indirect boundary element method. In order to prove the feasibility of numerical simulation, the acoustics experimental device for compressor aerodynamic noise experiment was built and the sound pressure of turbocharger were tested. The trend of simulation results and amplitude level in blade passing frequency (BPF) coincide with the experiment results. It indicates that the coupling method is more effective and accurate in turbocharger noise prediction.

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