This study attempts to take advantage of porous media with high conductivity and the latent heat capacity of phase change material together to enhance the overall heat transfer rate. A 3-D laminar model of a rectangular porous channel with high thermal conductivity and constant wall heat flux is chosen to see the enhancement of heat transfer when used in conjunction with the phase change material slurry. Numerical simulations for various wall heat fluxes and inlet velocities are carried out. The heat transfer coefficient along the heated surface of the channel is compared when adding micro-encapsulated phase change material to the flow passing through porous channel. There is a significant heat transfer enhancement when using phase change material slurry through porous channel, only under specific conditions of heat fluxes, inlet velocities and the particle concentrations. This study also investigates the effect of various porous media properties e.g. porosity and permeability on the heat transfer coefficient when applied with slurry of phase change material.

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