In this study, the performance of concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) cell enhanced by using double layer microchannel heat sink (DL-MCHS) with nanofluid is investigated. Pure ethanol and 0.2 % Vol. Al2O3-ethanol are utilized to reduce the solar cell temperature under indoor solar concentration ratio of 5.7 Suns. The designed DL-MCHS is monolithically fabricated from Maraging steel using 3D metal printer. The experimental results showed that using parallel flow (PF) operation mode of the designed DL-MCHS is favourable for cooling the CPV system compared with the counter flow (CF) operation mode. In the cooled CPV using PF mode, the open circuit voltage enhancement is about 12.7% in comparison to the uncooled case. The nanofluid results also showed a reduction in the solar cell temperature in comparison with the pure coolant. The current results can be used as a validation step for accurate numerical modelling of nanofluid applications in CPV system cooling.

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