On the premise that ensuring the reliability of structural strength, and in order to get the optimal structural parameters and the number of reinforcement rib of the ITER feeder S-bend box (SBB), so that its stress distribution is more uniform and reasonable under the critical pressure load, and the cost of materials is relatively smaller, this article, through theoretical calculations and inferences on the basis of the parametric modeling and static analysis and checking of SBB, setting up different reinforcement rib numbers, optimizes through the ANSYS optimization design module, with the maximum stress as the objection function, with and reasonable quality and displacement as state variables, with the size of wall thickness and the space of reinforcement rib as design variables. And it regulates true stress at stress concentration through submodeling of ANSYS and local solid modeling. The results of optimization analysis show that: SBB reached the optimal solution when the reinforcement rib number N of SBB takes 3, the maximum equivalent stress is 117 Mpa and the weight is 6417Kg. Finally, SBB structural parameters, which obtained through optimization design, are rounded according to GB. These meet the design requirements, correspond to the practical applications and provide technical parameters and basis for the future development of SBB.

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