Thick Laminates of thermoplastic Composites (APC-2) are modeled with isoparametric layered shell elements to predict the responses of the laminate at various temperatures under compressive loading. A large displacement finite element analysis is performed by considering the geometric non-linearities in the composite structure. Multiple load steps with linear material behavior are used to model the load-displacement characteristics found in a previous experimental study. A detailed description of the layered shell element along with its formulations is presented to highlight the limitations and scope of this element in composite structural analysis. Compressive response in respect of displacements, normal stresses, shear stresses and interlaminar shear stresses under three different temperatures is presented. Laminate response along its length as well as through the thickness is also presented to analyze and understand the failure mechanisms under such loading. Experimental data from a previous study are compared with the current result to validate the finite element analysis.

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