The parts feeder provides both horizontal and vertical forces to transfer the small parts between stations in automated manufacturing processes. In this paper, the dynamic characteristics of a piezoelectrically actuated rotating parts feeder was evaluated. The model of the piezoelectric bimorph, the key component of the parts feeder, is formulated under DC and AC excitation. Experiments using laser interferometer, impedance analyzer and spectrum analyzer were conducted to measure displacement sensitivity, resonance frequencies and antiresonance frequencies of the electrical/mechanical system. Relations between driving frequencies and vibration amplitudes under various driving voltages were reported. From experimental results, the resonance frequencies of the mechanical system were identified at 176.6 Hz and 535 Hz. The first resonance and anti-resonance frequencies of the electrical system were found at 176.0 Hz and 177.5 Hz. The electromechanical coupling coefficient for piezoelectric actuator using Mason formula is 13%. Operating at the first resonance frequency, the parts feeder feeds at 17.66 mm/sec with a vertical vibration amplitude of 14.2 μ m.

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