Reconstruction of freeform surfaces is a state-of-the-art topic in reverse engineering. In this paper, a method of reconstructing freeform faces with parameterized freeform features is proposed. By their definitions in 3-Dimensional (3-D) space, freeform feature templates are analyzed and parameterized by high-level parameters first. The proposed parameterization provides both interactive user control and automatic feature extraction. With such freeform features, the designer can reason about and operate high-level entities in freeform surfaces than basic geometric constituents. An optimization function based on Hausdorff-like shape distance measuring method is proposed and applied as the similarity measuring method between the digitalized model surface and the parameterized feature template according to different kinds of features. Considering the fitting procedure between digitalized model surface data and the freeform feature templates, optimizing strategies were studied and the influence of parameters in each feature representation was qualified especially for shape elimination features. The proposed method was tested by numerical experiments based on ACIS® and Open Inventor®, fitting errors were analyzed as well.

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