We investigate the nonlinear response of a clamped-clamped buckled beam to a three-to-one internal resonance between the first and third modes when one of them is externally excited. To examine whether the first and third modes are nonlinearly coupled, we use the method of multiple scales to directly attack the partial-differential equation and associated boundary conditions and obtain the equations governing the modulation of their amplitudes and phases. We find that the two modes are nonlinearly coupled. To investigate the large-amplitude dynamics, we use a multi-mode Galerkin discretization to obtain a reduced-order model of the problem. We use a shooting method to compute periodic orbits of the discretized equations and Floquet theory to investigate the stability and bifurcations of these periodic orbits. We note an energy transfer from the first mode, which is externally excited by a primary resonance, to the third mode. We obtain preliminary experimental results of the energy exchange between the first and third modes as a result of a three-to-one internal resonance. More experimental results are being generated.

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