The objective of this project is to develop a device to exchange interventional probes such as biopsy needles, local anesthesia, ablation tools, and lesion removal devices to perform multiple procedures for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment during single session in the MR scanner. Used as a supplement to an existing five degree-of-freedom (DOF) interventional probe positioning device, the apparatus is fitted with two additional DOF for the selection and exchange of interventional probes to be used in an automated probe positioning device. The entire system is constructed of MR compatible materials, i.e. non-magnetic and non-conductive, to eliminate artifacts and distortion of the MR images. The apparatus is remotely controlled by means of ultrasonic piezoelectric motors and a graphical user interface, providing MRI-guided planning and monitoring of the procedure while it is in progress. Based on a timing analysis, the device can quickly exchange a probe (48 seconds), thereby reducing the complexity and cost of the overall procedure.

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