The main focus of this paper is to appraise Integrated Product Development (IPD) in industrial implementation and university teaching since the approach has been developed in the early 1980s by OLSSON and AN-DREASEN & HEEN. Integrated Product Development is still interpreted differently, in the range from development methodology to an idealised model of product development, as e.g. by ANDREASEN. But only the comprehensive description and understanding of the IPD approach as a development philosophy allows its application in all fields of product development. This philosophy contains four views: Planning and organisation, technology, methods & processes (especially with the inclusion of technical design), and human user (with the inclusion of ergonomics and working psychology). That is how it integrates all required factors for a successful product development, and, above all, fosters the finding of appropriate decisions with the right participants at the earliest possible time. This paper describes how the holistic product development philosophy of Integrated Product Development was implemented into the teaching at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (OvGU) and how this project oriented education is organized in integrative and interdisciplinary teams.

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