Inappropriate data problems due to mismatching of product data quality are always possible in data communication and sharing. In this problem, the data is evaluated as valid within the original system and its initial usage, but problem brake out during the reuse phase of the same data. This delayed problem requires data repair or rework operation in the subsequent manufacturing process and results in significant economic loss. As cause, current product data is a dumb model and its quality is not guaranteed. The receiver system cannot identify whether the data has sufficient quality for reuse or not. Furthermore, manufacture’s advance notice of their request for data quality is impossible. This paper proposes an establishment of PDQ (product data quality) information for communication of data quality that can be used independently or in combination with product data. The PDQ information model presents qualitative measurements according to given criteria, and the measured portion of product data. Based on PDQ model, a PDQ-S (PDQ for shape data) model has been developed. For PDQ-S, industrial guidelines about shape data communication are systematically categorized as the baseline of guarantee. The PDQ model is intended to be independent and neutral from calculation algorithm of measurement. As the method of development, STEP (ISO 10303: Standard for the exchange of product model data) architecture was adopted and the PDQ model was developed as a resource of STEP standards. We show an example about combination of shape data and concerned quality guarantying data.

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